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Car Alarms Essex

ImageNeed a Car Alarm fitted in Essex, we provide a complete range of security systems from world class leading brands for example Cobra, Clifford this alarms are made to very high standards and provide the very best security for your car or van. When buying a Thatcham approved alarm you should check to make sure your installer is Thatcham TRI approved and they will pride themselves on a neat and reliable installation. An alarm fitter that doesn’t allow you to watch or check the work after they have finished normally have something to hide from the customer. Most alarm fitters only require a good amount of space to work, You should always provide a clean and empty car if an engineer is going to carry out any work on your vehicle. When having Car Alarms Essex we make sure the whole installation is very neat and it will last the life of the vehicle. all wiring connections are soldered in and all joints are protected against water ingress and corrosion. The Thatcham approved range of alarm and immobiliser systems are meant to be serviced once every year to make sure the alarm and immobiliser is fully working and all zones are active. The most common issue upon servicing is the bonnet pin has got dirty and has stopped working or it could possibly cause false alarms if it is not checked.