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van dead locks

Need to protect your tools, you should be looking to install van deadlocks as soon as possible. Vans are a very large target for theft due to them carrying any value from £500 – 10.000 worth of engineering tools. You insurance many not even cover the tools if there is no forced sign of entry. This is a major problem as most of the popular vans on the road like the Ford Transit MK6 and MK7 can have there locks picked within 30 – 40 seconds meaning they can simply unlock and disarm the standard Ford horn alarm (if it has one) and steal all your tools. They will make no noise and can relock the vehicle when they leave which means the owner wouldn’t even know all there tools have been stolen until arriving at work. Why take the risk and have a set of Thatcham Approved deadlocks fitted to make sure they are not picked within seconds to gain entry. The Locks4Vans deadlock kits that are Thatcham approved has anti bump euro cylinder barrels making it very time consuming to pick the locks, All the plates are reinforced to give you the very best security against a full on attack. You should take a look at Van Locks